Staking And Lending

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The waves platform allows you to lease Waves, stake Neutrinos and buy futures 

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Earn Cred/Brave

Risks and rewards of leverage trading and a reputable platforms that offer it. An advanced tactic used by the best traders and gamblers alike.

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HEX2T staking is available via third party for now but should have ts own staking function in the near future.

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OKex will allow you to stake a limited number of tokens 

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Staking on uniform takes the form of liquidity providing for various pairs and earning fees on transaction that occur between the chosen pairs.

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DYDX staking is in the form of simple deposits onto the platform. No locking of funds. Funds on the platform are used as liquidity for loans. 

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Synthetix staking is incentivised by the platform 

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For HEX, staking is an integral part of the ecosystem and built directly into the platform. 


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