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How much does it cost?

We will issue tokens to you for completing registration. Those tokens can then be used to participate in further programs. Please allow up to 24 hours for your tokens to be credited. An account on Waves is required to send/receive and trade tokens (free). 

How do i get paid?

You will get paid in tokens which can then be traded for fiat or Bitcoin / Ethereum / Monero and more.

Can i get more tokens in any way other than to earn them by completing tasks?

Yes, tokens can be acquired on the exchange or by buying them directly from our website. You can also “stake” your tokens to make them grow.

Can i spend tokens?

The tokens can be traded for ETH and other currencies on the exchanges at any time. Remember that without tokens, you will not be able to participate in more courses.


The only info we require is a unique phone number and an address for payment. 

Are tokens an investment?

We do not make any promises or predictions in regards to the value of our tokens. A unique address which has tokens staked into our system will get more tokens. If you decide to provide liquidity to the token markets, that is up to you.