A trusted on-ramp and trading platform for the masses. Centralized and secured in the way people are familiar with

Coinbase : A centralized platform

Coinbase is a well known and trusted on ramp for the people. There are fees associated with their services but the platform is simple to use. Good to get into the crypto world because of it’s credit card and bank payments. Buy cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDC, BTC and many others directly from your bank account. Verification will be required.

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Coinbase Pro : Trading

Trading on coinbase is done on the CoinbasePro platform. The fees are higher than other platforms but the platform is intuitive and well designed. Limited number of assets available on their platform but the volume tends to be good and user experience as well.  

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Refferal program : Invite your friends and make $

Coinbase offers incentives to new users and to the people who brought them in. If you would like to invite and friend, simply log into your account and see the “invite friends” section. Coinbase will give free money to your friend if he is a new user and will also give you the same amount for bringing them in. 

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Earn : learn to use selected crypto currencies

Get paid to learn various crypto currencies in a few minutes. Payment is instant after successful completion of the course on Coinbase’s Earn platform. Instant payments.

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Coinbase can be used as a wallet to hold the limited number of tokens available on their platform. Coinbase pro is their trading platform. Coinbase is the best exchange for beginners.

Well recommended to start your crypto journey. Fees are high for trading.