Buy, sell and stake Crypto-currencies on a decentralized platform with tons of volume

Uniswap : A decentralized platform

Uniswap is a transparent, censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for Ethereum. Uniswap lowers barriers of entry to financial participation and removes central points of failure. It enables anyone to create new markets, provide liquidity, and build financial applications that could not have existed before

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Exchange : Token swaps

Uniswap allows anyone who has a Metamask to swap one token for another. The fees are paid in ETH. Always be aware of the fees as they vary from time to time and asset to asset. Any token that is on the ethereum network can be added if not already listed on the platform. You simply add the contract address in the search bar

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Pools : Uniswap pools of liquidity

You can use Uniswap in order to provide liquidity to exchange pairs. You choose a pair of tokens you would like to provide liquidity for and lock in your assets. Your assets are then used to execute exchanges on the platform and you in turn earn a % of the transaction fees. Always be aware of the fact that once locked in as liquidity, you lose the control of the ratio between your assets. You could put in 1 ETH vs its equivalent in USDC and end up with less ETH and more USDC next week. The system will automatically balance the assets for you to keep a viable ratio when possible. Some pools offer higher returns on average. Rates of return can be visualized  on Zapper

Uniswap Pools


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Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum