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Intro : Hex

Hex is a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum network. Hex aims to bring next generation staking concepts similar to certificates of deposits. Hex was created by Richard Heart, a crypto entrepreneur who has a solid understanding of how the price of crypto assets move and why. He has created Hex in order to recreate Bitcoin like behavior.

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Chapter 1 : Claiming Hex for free

One way of getting your share of Hex is by claiming them using your Bitcoin wallet. If you had any amount of Bitcoins in your wallet in December 2019, you can claim Hex by signing the message that HEX will send to your wallet (can be used even if wallet is empty as long as wallet had Bitcoin in December 2019. No exchange wallets only personal wallets.) 100% free. Amount that can be claimed reduces every single day! The sooner you claim the more HEX you will get. Simply click the link below and 

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Chapter 2 : Staking HEX

This is where HEX brings innovation to the crypto world, you can stake drectly on the HEX platform for a desired amount of time. Longer always pays better. Those who stake for x number of days but do not hold their positions until the end can end their stakes but will have to pay fees in order to do so. The fees can be very high if you staked very long and decide to end it. starting at around 200 days length, stakes are eligible to receive big payday bonuses. Everyone who has a stake ending on that precise day will share the big payday bonus which can be quite a lot. You can theoretically triple your [HEX] over ~200 days. The HEX amount will increase but the overall value of the HEX tokens you hold will move with the market. Only put in what you can afford to play with. This is an experimental project in it’s infancy. Do not miss out.

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Chapter 3 : Transforming into Hex

One way of participating in the hex project is by transformin ETH into HEX inside the lobby of the platform itself. This will lock in your chosen ETH amount until the end of the day. By the end of the day, depending on how much ETH has been locked in the system, you will be able to mint HEX directly into your wallet. HEX releases around 500 million HEX per day to be separated among participants. Price moves from day to day. The simplest way of acquiring the tokens. Get an extra 10% by using the link below.

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    • Make sure you have Metamask installed.

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