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Join us and learn how to use the web 3.0 in a friendly atmosphere. Get paid to learn and prove your commitment to the new technologies by using them. 500 JCtokens will be given to every registered user

Available Courses

Our courses are there to help people learn to earn

Join the new world and it’s technologies with the help of JauneCerise. We aim to help the world at large to join the economic revolution which is at our doorstep

Become An Informed User

Experts are few and far between but every tool user should be well informed in order to do as good as possible. We will try to give you hints, tricks and techniques when it comes to our suggested tools/apps/websites.

Learn by Doing

Some concepts seem simple at first but when applied in real life, they become slightly more complicated.

Learn how to apply simple yet misunderstood principles and tools in our evolving world. Trading small amounts viable with transaction fees? Let us show you how it is possible, and even easy. The right tools are already available for those with eyes to see.

Build your portfolio

There are thousands of crypto currencies, platforms and opportunities available to all.

Now is a good time to build your portfolio. A lot of high percentage opportunities from all over the world are opening up. Never spend more than you can afford to lose and have a plan. There are high risk, high rewards systems, low risk low rewards systems and everything in between. Just be aware of what you are getting into and have fun. 

Achieve your goals

If you have reasonable goals and a plan to reach them, we have a plan to help you get there.

We will help get you started with our very tokens which which can be used to participate in various contracts and games. Every member will receive 500 tokens.

“The fees on some exchanges are steep. I am glad to say JC showed me a way to trade for super cheap and how to earn fees on some of those exchanges!”

Free Courses

All our courses are free but registration will be required. A Waves address will be required in order to receive JCtokens.  

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